Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Avie Baby...

Accepted is a young adult novel, and while young adult is often grouped into KidLit, I've never considered myself a children's author. Recently, while I was reading some Junie B. Jones to Avie, she asked me to write her a book, one she's allowed to read.

From young adult romance to early reader acceptable for a five year old. Hmmm...that could be a challenge.

The bad news...I never say no to Avie, especially when what she wants is good for her. The good news...that little monster has given plenty of children's book material.

So, as of now, all other projects are on hold (not that I was making a ton of progress on any of them). The goal is two books - some sort of intro to Avie Baby and a second book that's just a little slice of fun. No idea yet if I'm going to pursue publication. With a children's picture book, I don't even know the market.

Here goes nothing...

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